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We are a small hobby kennel located in beautiful Northern California. 
My husband and I have lived at our current residence which consists of little over an acre for twenty one years. We have the availability of several hundred acres in which to walk and swim our dogs near our home.  The three youngest dogs and I walk 3 miles a day. Our dogs are raised as house dogs.  Although we do have kennels to keep the dogs secure when we are not home, I do not believe in kennel raising dogs.  Our dogs are part of our everyday life. They are in and out of the house all day and sleep loose at night where ever they chose, however one of us is usually tripping over one of the dogs getting out of bed in the morning.

I have always loved dogs of all breeds.  My first dog when I was very young was a Welsh Corgi/Poodle mix who I named Tiger.  He was a great first dog that was eager to learn everything I could teach him.  Without knowing I trained Tiger to most levels required to obtain a Utility degree.  It was through owning Tiger that I developed a passion for a smart biddable dog that loved to learn. Although Tiger wasn’t a purebred he taught me many things about owning, raising and training dogs.  My first exposure to Golden Retrievers came when I was working at a grooming shop while attending college.  We had a client who as it turned out, was also a dog show person of the Golden persuasion.  When she was busy she would bring in her dogs for baths.  It was grooming on her wonderful 2 champions, a dog and a bitch that I fell in love with the breed.  Since I was attending college and working, it was not the best time to raise a puppy so I didn’t acquire my first Golden until 1981 after I moved to Northern California.  I purchased a beautiful bitch puppy that I named Sunni from a local breeder and she couldn’t have been a better representative of the breed. 

Sunni was intelligent, savvy, and the epitome of health both mentally and physically. 
She lived to be 15 ˝ years old and produced some wonderful puppies. Having developed a passion for the obedience ring, my next Golden was from Cherie Berger’s Meadowpond Kennel. 
Echo (
Meadow Autumn Echo CD) not only introduced me to the wonderful love of a male Golden, but also to the influence of “English type”. Echo lived to be two months shy of 18 yrs old and was a wonderful companion and obedience dog.  Sunni and Echo set the example for longevity and the importance of mental and physical health. With their influence, and having the added bonus of majoring in Agriculture Business/Animal Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo I knew how important it was to have sound healthy animals. So began the search for a sound, intelligent, and savvy line of Golden Retrievers. Little did I know this search would eventually lead me to a breeder in Wisconsin who as the years went by would become a very close friend.

After having several dogs that didn’t work out for one reason or another I came across an ad in the Golden Retriever News on a bitch called Ch Eyeful of Classic. 
I contacted her breeder Annette Boyer in Wisconsin and she was willing to send me a puppy. Annette’s group of dogs had the “English type” influence that I wanted in a breeding program.  The puppy that she sent was a son of her wonderful stud dog Golly (
Ch Synergold Galyarde Classic OS).  Golly to this day is my all time favorite stud dog.  There are three bitches that became the present foundation here at Wynsok; Classic Wynsok’s Fergie OD, Classic Frances Burnett, and Oakhills Tiffany.  All three girls turned out to be incredible producers of sound, intelligent offspring.  The Classic line of girls brought in the type, soundness and savvy that I so adored. And Oakhills Tiffany brought in not only soundness but incredible trainability and kept my pedigrees diversified.

 I have always tried to breed dogs that have the ability to compete in all venues as well as make great companions. I am member of the following clubs; Golden Retriever Club of America since 1985, The Butte County Kennel Club since 1983, The Golden Retriever Club in England since 2005, The Pug Dog Club in England since 2007. 

Please feel free to look around the website and enjoy the photos. 



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